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The great ceramic collab between the INOUE brothers and ONEKILN ceramic and Me is ready to be launch!! based on an very good idea from the INOUE brothers, this is great quality products ,Hand made in Kagoshima by OneKiln, with exclusive new drawings. Japan release tour from april 21th to april 30th 2018..(Osaka, Kyoto, kagoshima, Fukuoka, Tokyo) //STAY TUNED!!    

The show


« FAUNA & FLORA, l’univers de julien Colombier », the show hosted by SÈVRES,CITÉ DE LA CERAMIQUE is open until may 5th. Have a look to the new pieces on ceramic i’ve done and the beautiful scenography by AUDREY GUIMARD. Galerie de Sèvres, 4 place André Malraux, Paris 1er. (Photos Rebecca Fanuele)